Sunday, 18 November 2012

Movement Studies 3

Looking at Anatomy and the Digestive System. Initiating from my movement from the mouth. Thinking of the centre line. Mouthing pattern offers a fluid centre line.

Katyes class 5/11/2012

I really enjoyed this class today. I didn't realise how much hard work goes into moving a lifeless body. The weight it holds also with no help. Also how heavy the skull is. Pulling the arms and legs separately outwards felt like a nice experience and was releasing the joints and taking them to their full extension. I felt that i didn't need a lot of pulling or pushing in the right direction. Saying 'yes' but in a loud way or in a silent way? Doing less or nothing feels more. Really getting underneath the body and using the whole body means that i don't need to reach over to the other side to lift whereas if you go underneath theres no other side to get to as your already there. Making it harder in my own movement by carrying yourself instead of giving into gravity seeing as how heavy the lifeless body is. Better not to leave the partner as its disconcerting and they will feel lost so do it in sections. So come but go not for long and then get more. Then my partner will always no where i am.

Movement Studies 3

We are looking at Naval Radiation in Movement studies. Moving from the centre and how the centre has 6 limbs. 2 arms, 2 legs, head and tail. This helps me remember that i come from the centre and all my limbs aren't just separate, they are all connected. Looking also at skin and the cells within the skin. We have been looking at the Starfish as each limb is equal and all integrated from the middle. it has no brain but a nervous system.
Moving with a sense of head to tail connection and naval radiation. Condensing and expanding.

Movement Studies 3

In movement studies we have been looking at many different things. We started off the year looking at touch and how it effects each other when we are being touched or touching another person moving. I mainly noticed that when i was moving and being touched i tended to move towards the touch and me and my partner noticed that the last thing that was touched when i was moving, i would then touch first when we traded places. I think this is for comfort. I enjoyed working with the use of touch because i felt more involved in what i was doing and made me feel like i could connect to my partner more and move more freely.

3rd Year!